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Wanting to grow and knowing how to grow are two very different things.  Email marketing provides you with a low cost, fast and effective marketing tool to grow your business. With email marketing your results are immediate.  This is why savvy marketers have no intention of giving it up any time soon.

Whilst email marketing is one of the basic principles of any internet marketing strategy – it can also be a very daunting task if you haven’t done it before.

Many businesses are interested in using email marketing, but feel that running an effective email campaign is too technical, too expensive, or obsolete as a result of SPAM abuse.  This isn’t true.

With an ROI of around 4,300% (according to the Direct Marketing Association), email more than pays for itself.  It allows you to reach a sizeable number of potential customers while staying in touch with your current ones.

We’re here to help you connect with your markets and with customers.  With email marketing we can help you to create relationships, build reputations & most importantly – generate revenue.

Here are some email communications that we have done (and continue to do) for our clients that has helped their business grow:

1. Special Offers

Customers like to receive special offers from organisations that they buy from.  Special offer email campaigns usually have one main objective – to drive sales.  But they can also be a good tool to help clear stock that might be aging, reduce stock levels prior to an internal stocktake, boost sales prior to the end of a financial year, clear overstocked items and even convert a prospective buyer to a sale because of the perceived value of the deal.  Don’t forget you can also engage social marketing – by emailing your existing customers to ask if they have any friends or family who would like to receive your special offers.

2. Newsletters

Email newsletters are great – they allow you to regularly promote your news and events in a timely way.  As a basis for an ongoing business relationship, there’s nothing better than an email newsletter providing reliable, regularly delivered, quality information on relevant and interesting topics.  They’re a common, proven communications tool that can help you to achieve brand awareness, customer retention, revenue and other goals.

3. Customer surveys

Customer surveys allow you to gather your customer’s current thoughts on various aspects of your business.  They show your commitment to your customer, showing that your company cares enough to make business decisions based on their feedback.  Surveys are also repeatable, allowing you to track changes in feedback.  They can also be the best source to derive new innovative ideas.  We have seen that executing customer surveys via email is faster and cheaper than any other method (mail or telemarketing).  With the use of participation incentives and allowing the customer to provide feedback on the spot means you are well on the way to a great response rate.

4. Catalogue emails

Product catalogues display information about your products and services and help in creating sales.  They enable you to present your products and services in an appealing and efficiently manner to your online audience. They are fast gaining popularity as a cost-effective medium in online advertising.  As well as emailing you product catalogs to prospective buyers, you can also display your product catalogue on your website or online store. Product catalogues has emerged as the surest way of promoting your products, services and business for making profits and establishing your business in the competition.

5. Announcements

One-off announcement emails are usually short and contain just one call to action.  Announcement emails are usually sent on an ad hoc basis, when you have time-critical information to tell your subscribers. Perhaps you have limited-time offer that you want to promote, or you been invited to speak at a conference or industry event, and want to encourage your clients to attend. A host of possibilities can spark the need to send an announcement email.

Don’t forget blog post announcement will give your leads something to read that may help with them with their day-to-day job responsibilities and spark more interest in your product, keep current customers updated on industry or product changes, and drive referrals.

6. Press Release

From seeing your brand on the pages of your favorite newspaper or glossy magazine to increasing your number of Facebook fans – Press releases serve many purposes.  Although they sound like announcements, press releases are more public relations than sales.  Press releases provide exposure.  Press releases can be sent in many ways, to many audiences.  With email this can be faster and lower cost than the alternatives.

7. Lead nurturing

Lead nurturing is a series of emails that you send to your leads in order to qualify them and move them down the sales funnel until the person is ready to buy.  The strategy behind this is to interact with prospects who are in research mode (early in the buying cycle) to get them to be more predisposed to buying your brand when they are ready to buy.

By creating webinars, whitepapers, blog posts, analyst reports, guides, ebooks and infographics you can bring people to your websites earlier and earlier in their buying cycle and commence the lead nurturing process.  You know they are interested in the content you are writing about, but may not yet be SALES READY.

Content-driven leads, based on the information they download, enables your sales reps to approach them from a ‘solutions selling’ discussion vs. invasive cold calling or selling features.

Now is the time to take the next step and grow your business beyond its current status.

If you want to create a spark that connects you with new customers and turns existing customers into long-lasting relationships, we can help you get on the path to smart, cost effective growth.

We’d love to talk with you about how we can help your business grow.  Give us a call to arrange a coffee or contact us.